How much do I need to sell?

Find out how much product you'll have to push to make your dreams come true.

It's going to take about [MATH] products sold per year to make $[EARNINGS] dollars from this product. Get crackin'!


  • To reach $$[EARNINGS], you're gonna need to sell about [MATH/12] of these a month.
  • That's about [MATH/365] a day every day, including weekends.
  • You'll need to sell about [MATH/260] a day with weekends excluded.
  • If you sold about [NEAREST INTERVAL OF 5 ABOVE EVERY DAY NUMBER] every day, you'd beat your goal by about $[MORE MATH].
  • If you want to give us that overage, that'd be really nice.
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How Much Do You Need to Sell?